Monday, January 07, 2008

The blog post of punk to come

I love comic books. I know how nerdy that is, but i just picked up Ultimate Spider-Man issue 116 and fuck. This is a good comic book. Brian Michael Bendis is seriously one of the greatest contemporary writers, from his amazing work on New Avengers and Ultimate Spider-Man to his indy books like Fortune & Glory (which is the first Bendis book I ever read, got hooked up at a tiny tiny 'con' in this room above a library, one of the guys from ace comics gave me a free copy, props to that guy right now.)

I had a big amazon binge earlier today (well, I say binge, in actual fact they're in the basket and I have to wait for next weeks paycheck, but nonetheless...) I'm after the rest of the Ghibli Collection, because although there's now only about 4 or 5 which I haven't seen I'm a collection nut and have to have them all.

Some other points:
although some of my buddies may disagree, girls are cool
exams are thursday, iam a brainbox

you stay classy, planet earth