Monday, February 25, 2008


I'm not a huge one for electro, but I went to a Hot Chip show last night with some of my brothers from college, it was seriously good stuff, the amount of man-cardigans hurt my eyes like hell but the guys on stage fucking killed it. literally. The whole place was going fucking crazy it was such a good show.

Also, I've just got my hands on the new Foals LP Antidotes, I'm giving it a play now and it is seriously good shit. Kinda slow and you'd have to way be in the mood for it but it's full of awesome tunes. My pick would be Big Big Love (Fig. 2), complete with it's own fucking stupid Indie track name but it is a real real good song. I listened to it about 5 times before one of my Politics papers this January and it really set me up. Good listening, check it out

suh weet

Dark Horse is FINALLY putting out the NN2S book, this thing has been in the works for fucking years now and it is going to be sweet. I'm not the biggest Clem fan but still if you're into any form of punk music NN2S is a good read.

I'm spending tonight after work kicking back with video games and the get up kids
peace out

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Jesus I'm like Mr Blog-a-rama tonight. Anyway my good friend Josh gave me his 2 cents on the Captains debate:

"shit i wanna say Captain Britain, just to patriotic, but I haven't read a single thing, so that would be biased, I'm gonna say Cap America, as I'm a huge Avengers fan, and he is the leader, the idol, the inspiration of that team and you really feel it in the comics, and you almost feel like you look up to him yourself like all the characters do, so yeh, CAP!"


Also today,

Me, Laurie, Drew and Jamie hit the woods up today. We just wanted something to do for the day so we fucked college work and tore it up woodland style, me and Laurie found this amazing clearing in the trees that was essentially just a downhill gauntlet and ran it. I slaid twice. It was like a fucking Takeshi's Castle event or something it was crazy there were logs to jump and muddy ditches and shit, we want to get about thirty people running it and it'll be so so crazy. watch this space.


Hung out with some of Daria's friends the other night, Caitlin and Si, good people! Anyway we discussed Captain Planet and it made me think; 'who is the best captain?' Now, after some debate I have narrowed it down to 4 main contenders.

Number 1: Captain Planet
Now, obviously this would not make most people's shortlist of 'captains' but because he was the inspiration for the list he kinda has to be there. Pretty simple, hates global warming, loves mulletz. I have no idea where he came from or anything but remember that one of his rouge's gallery looked like a pig.

Number 2: Captain America

Well, he's dead I know, but we'll focus on classic Cap here. A real good guy. The leader of the Avengers and the Invaders for about a trillion years, and I'm pretty sure he must have fooled around with The Scarlet Witch, The Black Widow or Tigra sometime (or all of the above.) Loves freedom fries, Hates Nazis. His rogues gallery is freaking MODOK.

Number 3: Captain Marvel
An alien. A Dead Alien with Cancer. Still SO rad, literally look at this guy. Loves his wife, hates cancer. He was killed by Nitro.

Number 4: Captain Britain
Fucking means business with a flag on his chest. He takes names, has a cousin in the X Men, protects Mother Britannia and ends it all up with a cup of Earl Grey. Milky. Loves London, hates the French. I'm pretty sure I saw him take down the X Men once or something? Anyway, Captain Britain is RAD.

So anyway, I'll get to thinking and let you know who wins and why, let me know what you think.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Everything is dieing...

Today my NDS died. Actually dead. It is now two separate screens as opposed to a nice whole console. My TV is also dieing, but it's from the 80s so I don't blame it. Today was a real good day (except for the deaths,) just a whole day of hangout and even though I'm really ill it was just cool, got some rad plans for this week as well so in the words of the wonder years I am 'stoked on it.'

My friend Josh has started blogging so check him out. He's one hell of a brother, when I write a book the main character is going to be called 'Joshua Blooper,' no jokes.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

happy valentine's

My man Matt is cooking for his girl tomorrow night, I predict this:

We're IMing right now and look at this;

george says: what ya cookin good lookin?
matt says: erm
matt says: chicken shit
george says: actual faeces?
matt says: OBV
george says: MEGA LOL!

brother, you are doomed to fail

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


damn. just reading my man tom's blog and saw this:

"Tonight is New Year's Eve. We're hitting exmouth, gonna dress like d-bags and chill with friends and fireworks. Dont stay in Exeter and 'rave' with pillheads is all i can say. Peace out octopussies."

reminded me how much fun we had when we kicked it seaside style on new year's eve. real good times. This is some pictorial evidence of what happened:

we skinny dipped at 2am and most of us were out of action for few days (that picture is just Charlie and Laurie, no one knows who the dudes on the right are)

my little yellow pen

It's a bit of a love/hate relationship between me and my pen, I mean, I love the little guy, he's been hanging around for the last 4 or so months now and not let me down, I must've written about 100 pages with this guys but fuck, can he fly. He's like a fucking plectrum, you drop him and then shit. He's like 2 metres away and I have to hunt like fuck.

Anyway, he is a good pen so I will not hate on him.

A few things today

1. Next year is sometimes scary, sometimes not.
2. Y: The Last Man volume 2 is consistently good, some real real rad plot/character development going on there. My hat goes off to Brian K Vaughn, literally, I just took my hat off.
3. You don't realise how important it is to have your own phone until someone doesn't have one, it is literally THE most frustrating thing trying to get a hold of someone when they don't have a phone. Even if you just want to chat or whatever.

A lot lately I have been thinking things like 'look at this guy, he's 27, that's you in 10 years where are you gonna be?' and 'what will I do in 5 years?' But I've sort of come to the conclusion that this is where I am in 17 years and really that's what's most important. Last weekend was really just an awesome weekend, like, an absolutely fantastic few days. Friday night it was just me Laurie, Simon and Munton but we ripped up the town, me and Laurie ended up having a heart to heart with some of the guys who used to beat us back when we were 14, which was really weird but kinda cool to see that no one is really bothered by that kind of crap anymore. Saturday night I ended up asleep with my face in a tub of rice and Sunday I had one of the best hangouts I have had in a while.

Hats off to all involved.

Monday, February 11, 2008

honest to blog

Caught Juno last night, it lives up to the hype so I'm not gonna rep it too much but wow, this movie has the best OST ever, every song was either real rad or just totally fit the scene. Plus Michael Cera is awesome as ever.

Next week is a holiday so this week is mainly working and studying to make time for shit to do next week. Plus Josh is on tour and Laurie, Jamie and Ice Grylls are all being Germaniacs so there's hardly any of us left in town.

'fingernails? really?'

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Thursday, February 07, 2008

oh man...

I knew she was too good to be true!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

AGENT pt. 2

Man, check out around 5:10, seriously. These guys rule.

Today was a good day

Today I started out by going to my Politics lecture on Anarchism, it was pretty interesting. I have an essay to write which I am going to ace. Anyway, after a bit of studying I met Daria for lunch and we had a ramen race which she pitifully lost. I mean, seriously, she had like a whole bowl of soup left with tofu and shrimp and bits of crab floating about in it. Now I am not saying I had an empty bowl in front of me but my soup level was WAY lower than hers. Props to George on the soup race I think. My wallet took a bit of a beating though, because the 2-disc Special Edition of Superbad was just staring at me from the shelf; how could I resist? This was THE movie of 2007, no buts! Also I picked up Issues 2 - 5 of Spider-Woman: Origin which were pretty neat. But! buy of the day was this! Y: The Last Man Volume 1, I mean fuck! To quote a reviewer 'this is the reason comic books were invented' seriously, even if you're not a fan of GNs just read this for the best fucken story ever written.

Then! I got home to find a RevHQ package waiting for me.

So happy this finally came, I ordered this a long, long time ago. Before Christmas. This will be spun continuously over the next few weeks, very very neat.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


That last post was LAME. I mean wow, i'm a geek. So anyway it's sunday afternoon, last night we went to the cavern club which is actually pretty awesome on a saturday night you can see how those guys make their money, i could hardly move in there.

Anyway, i wanted to post this, a paragraph i wrote eons ago on why clark kent is a sucker

Nietzsche famously disliked the Greek god Apollo whilst admiring Dionysius, the reason for this being that Apollo was seen as a Superman-esque figure (obviously not to the ancient Greeks) and Nietzsche thought that it was useless to aspire to be like Apollo. It was much easier to aspire to be Dionysius, a fat orgy-loving alcoholic.

It's this logic I have used to deduce that Clark Kent himself, is a sucker. If we take another hero to compare supes to, such as good old Spiderman, we seem to see the same sort of pattern emerging. Superman is a clean-cut jock type who has the ability to fly, have laser eyes, pleasure Lois Lane, run faster than a speeding bullet and be mistaken for both a bird and a plane all at the same time, how could we ever aspire to be that?! Spiderman, however, is a slim, geeky, bordering on insane-type who spends most of his time talking to himself, put aside the comparative strength of a spider and whatnot and you are left with a exceedingly average chap. That's something I can aspire to be.

Although of course saying that Nietzsche's theory allows me to aspire to be normal would have greatly angered him. More suckers will be brought to the public's attention soon!

I think I had a pretty good point. although my 'logic' was somewhat flawed because, let's be honest, spidey is probably pretty exceptional himself.