Monday, March 16, 2009


Everybody's posting notes, and I want to do one!

the idea is to put your Itunes on shuffle and then play 25 songs, and write down your favourite line from each one, writing this down makes it seem ridiculous. (yet i am still about to do it)

1. we don't want your spin kicks, we just want a PUSH PIT!
2. we need to learn to defend oppression with our friends before they fade out
3. we'll show up in our outfits we planned ahead to meet the qualifications for our special occasion
4. i'm lost, so lost, i'm lost at sea you see
5. hey chief how's the karma struggle? is it hard to hold your bad breath
6. well i've been to texas state! i didn't think it was all that fucking great!
7. they got their mothers into a panic, sledding down hills into oncoming traffic
8. the back of your hand is a monument to that
9. time can change me but i can't change time
10. as i laid my cross down at the bones beneath my feet, she came, the face of a saint the voice of a symphony
11. no more time for hesitating, 'cos i did that too.
12. point your fucking finger, you racist, you bigot, that's not the problem now issit.
13. I'm so beyond you that it makes me grin
14. i've got no time to rest, i'm a mess
15. and do you think that it would be a shame, if i wished that we were back in school again
16. quit giving me your excuses, they mean nothing coming from your mouth
17. and you will never get the chance to do it all again, and you will never get the chance to call me your friend
18. just waiting for your time to speak, everyone's got an opinion
19. life is about love, last minutes and lost evenings, about fire in our bellys and about furtive little feelings
20. well that girl's a heartbreaker
21. we bought some wine and some paper cups, near your daughters school when we picked her up
22. oh heavy snow, bury me tonight, in the place where our bikes lay
23. i am a frontiersman trapped in suburban england
24. i am gonna make it through this year if it kills me
25. we live high, our love gorges on the alcohol we feed it

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